I’ve always been a self-starter and had big ambitions, but like everyone I have days where I just lack motivation. So today i’m sharing my top tips to get you going (and get those things ticked off!):



I don’t drink Coffee, or any hot liquid for that matter, so i’ve often struggled with that “go to” method to wake me up that others speak so highly of. Whether it’s a can of cold pepsi from the fridge or sneaking a candy out the kids treat box, sugar often gives you that ‘kick’ that you need to get moving. I usually revert to it around 3:00 PM when I need that midday ‘pick-me-up’ but, feel free to use it at your disposal (just go steady; your dentist will thank you).



Having a good playlist is key. And picking the right playlist is key. Nothing says “cuddle up on the sofa with hot chocolate and a chick flick” quite like soppy love songs. Find something cheerful that motivates you. But nothing too classic or you’ll spend the next few hours singing along and losing focus. Save that one for car journey.

I use Spotify, but you can really use anything that works for you.



I’m not sure I could live many other places than Southern California. 360 days of sunshine definitely helps motivate me. And those other 5 days where the clouds roll in are usually the days where i’m searching for the love songs and a blanket for the couch. If you’re not fortunate enough to have the sun as a re-occuring visitor, find the lightest spot in your house and make that your office. My office is actually one of the darker rooms, so I rarely use it during the peak hours of the day.



No distractions are key. I usually have the most motivation when the kids are in bed and hubbies passed out on the couch, because I can get things done with no distractions. Find the time that works best for you, and use it to your advantage.



This one’s important. Because if your body is tired, you’re not going to get motivated. Compare it to trying to get things done when you have the flu. It’s just not going to happen. Take care of yourself first and foremost. You can’t expect your body to help you out, if you don’t help it.

What are your best practices for getting things done?