Hi! I’m Kirsty. Wife, mom, designer, and founder of the List It Planner. I was born and raised in Cambridge, England and moved to California at the age of 21 after graduating from University with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design and Advertising.

The List It Planner was created after an urge to create a sense of organization into my overly complicated and chaotic life. Running a full-time design business from home, while looking after two children under the age of 5, created a need to somehow make things less overwhelming and more productive. That, coupled with a terrible memory (just ask my husband) meant I need something to help me stay on track.

I had tried multiple planners on the market of all price brackets, but nothing did exactly what I needed; a space to organize my ongoing to-do list and have a weekly overview to allocate new tasks accordingly. I needed something that would allow me to focus on what’s next, and alleviate the stress of remembering everything else that I had going on. With so much technology in our lives it’s so nice to have the traditional pen and paper to cross things off, and there’s nothing more satisfying than doing just that.

I started making the List It Planner in April, 2015. I desperately needed something to keep me organized, but planners I found were either 4 months old, or 8 months too early. So, my first goal was to create something that can be purchased year-round – after all, we don’t all realize we need a planner in sync at the end of December. Life happens, and we’re ready for you when it does.

Since creating the List It Planner my life has been more productive, organized and enjoyable (for everyone). And I truly believe yours will be too!